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Events for companies MICE

Events for Companies MICE ※ Nomad Sail In Nomad Sail we have extensive experience and we have the best professionals to organize your company's  MICE events at sea, from 2 to 300 people.

MICE : Teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, communication, leadership, common objectives ... are just some of the benefits of a company event in which the company's personnel are involved:
  • The routine is broken: interacting with colleagues outside the workplace and in total connection with nature leads to new relationships, based on positivity and collaboration.
  • It increases motivation and, therefore, productivity.
  • Significantly improves communication among the staff of the organization, and this greatly increases training for problem solving.

The events for companies in boat also stand out for their strong relationship with the Corporate Social Responsibility (green event, sustainability, nature, commitment ...) and with living adventures (emotion, adrenaline, action, energy ...).

In short, it is an experience where business culture and learning are intermingled with leisure, fun, well-being, relaxation and emotions. It seeks to find a point of cohesion and improve relationships in the company, collaboration and teamwork. It is what is known as team building.

Since the celebration of a regatta and other sporting challenges, organizing teams in different sailboats, sea trips in large catamarans or sailing in a flotilla without competition, we organize everything in detail. We seek that all participants have their functions on board and inform your team in advance so that the experience is complete.

We can include meals on board (snacks, paella, drinks ...) or in restaurants, as well as transportation, catering, hostesses, music, accommodation, and even activities outside the sea, such as quads or karting.

We seek that you do not have to worry about anything for the organization of your boat event.

Tell us your idea and we will develop a budget adapted to your team and needs.